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We can offer the design and installation of both conventional and addressable Nurse Call Systems including wire free radio systems. All of our nurse call systems are individually tailored to the client’s specific nurse call requirements which also includes staff attack systems for the protection of your employees.
Nurse call systems are a necessity for any Nursing Home, Hospital or Care Home, and they provide facilities which enable the carer to be on hand and responsive to the needs of their patient.
Displays can be located strategically around the premises where they can be readily seen by staff, in areas such as nursing stations, junctions in corridors, staff rooms etc.
Call Points can be sited next to each bed and lounges, dining rooms, etc.
Ceiling pull cords can be fitted in each bathroom and WC. Slave Lights over doorway.
We can also install standalone disabled refuge alarms.
As with all systems installed and maintained by ourselves our fully qualified team of technicians can carry out regular inspections of your system to keep it functioning at its optimum level of performance.


If you require an intercom system we have a vast knowledge and experience in being able to design and install a tailor made system that suits your needs and requirements.

Using industry leading products we are able to offer systems that enable the user to communicate and grant access to visitors from one or multiple entrances throughout he building.

Also if required we can supply and install a system that not only allows communication down to the entrances but also internally within the building. This can be especially useful for large town houses where its not always possible to hear each other.

With the use of CCTV becoming more and more widespread,most of our systems come with the ability to integrate cameras into them. This in turn can offer functions such as snapshots to be taken when someone is at the door.



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