CCTV……… The who, the why, the how, the what, the when.

Good questions huhhh ? these might be some of the questions you’re looking to ask not only when somebody breaks into your house but also when deciding on who should fit your CCTV system.

Here at Omega fire and security we have endless solutions for your CCTV requirements to suit all budgets. With CCTV equipment becoming ever more affordable there really is a solution for everyone from HDCVI systems Which operates over old coax all the way through to modern day network based systems that operate using IP

One thing we always try to do at Omega Fire and security is offer the latest products with the customers budget in mind, by keeping a close eye on the market and any new products it means that we are always offering the best solution at the most affordable price.

What type of CCTV system suites me best.

The most popular home CCTV systems we tend to fit are HDCVI CCTV as there is no restrictions for wiring as access across the top of the house is normally fairly easy. By fitting this type of home CCTV system it means that we can offer images anywhere up to 8 megapixel at a far more cost-effective price.

If the customer has a bigger budget or requirements for image quality greater than 8 megapixel then an IP system will be the next step up. The bonus of using an IP system is that it provides you with far more Analytics meaning a whole host of other functions are enabled, some of which include line crossing which is a much more reliable method of triggering the recording function and enables you to reduce storage wastage as much as possible.

Outbuildings, wireless network links or even CCTV for Sheds.

Something we have really started to utilise to its full capability is the ligowave which is one of many wireless network links available on the market by using these it means that we are able to transmit camera images from a remote area such as an outbuilding or even a garden shed back to the main recorder in the house or office wherever it may be cited in doing this it means that you can cover a far greater area and encompass it all under one system the logo waves themselves have wireless network capabilities of up to 1 km so as long as you have power wherever the cameras are to be fitted you can Assange essentially fit cameras anywhere that they may be needed again a great example of this is large scale car parks the commercial shopping centres and retail parks

Mobile app services and remote viewing.

One of the best features for CCTV and something it seems everybody is interested in is remote viewing whether that be via a mobile phone, tablet/iPad or even your laptop you are now able to watch the highest quality of images from anywhere in the world. With each CCTV manufacturer offering their own app there really is no end of options.

With home control becoming more and more popular there are now options to Link in many other different types of technology, some of which include RING doorbell systems, automatic gates and barriers, home control light switches and smart thermostats.

Best Brands

With the many numerous cctv brands on the market it can be difficult to decide what is best for you. Fortunately Omega fire and security do that for you, but just to give you a little overview amd some help alomg the way, below we’ve made a list of our top 5 CCTV brands.

The ratings are based on overall image quality, ease of use on the app and setup of additional features through the mobile app itself.

  • Dahua
  • HIK Vision

On the next blog we will be talking about the best CCTV camera systems for your home in 2019.

What the main differences are in overall system quality and service between a CCTV company like Omega Fire and Security Ltd in the South West.

Or purchasing a DIY CCTV system from somewhere on the local high street. Examples of this are screw fix CCTV, Argos CCTV or SWANN CCTV.