The Most Popular Wireless Alarms

So for today’s blog we are going to be reviewing the third of the final big three of the most popular wireless alarms in the security and intruder alarm industry, for home and business.

For this weeks instalment it’s the Visonicpower range of alarms which include the powermax and the powermaster. We have a fair few of these in the portfolio and have found them to be a very liable alarm system. The company is owned by ADT and has dominated a large part of the industry for some time now, with a huge range of wireless devices that offer competition to their rivals on all fronts.

The Visonic offers two fully wireless systems with different models within each of the ranges to suit any application.
The system is a Grade 2 system, environmental class II. Meeting all British and European standards which for ourselves being an NSI approved alarm company is as always a must.


The visonic works on their power code wireless network, Two-way power code RF system with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic’s two-way sirens and two-way keyfobs for instant feedback from the system

The alarm complete with a high end modular design is ideal for basic installations all the way through to small to mid size businesses as it has a while host of expansion devices tjat enable you to add more devices or integrate home control into the systems.

The Visonic power range has a wide variety of systems suitable for any application from residential to commercial. Below is a list of their full range


Smart Home Security and Control System
PowerMax is a complete, wireless home security system that enables users to conveniently manage all the systems in their home or office environment – from security and lighting to air-conditioning and appliances. It promotes peace of mind by combining industry-leading intrusion detection with early alerts of smoke, gas, and flooding
systems in the home.

PowerMaxExpress is a wireless home security solution that includes all the reliability and features that homeowners and professional installers require. Packing outstanding functionality into an exceptionally small, wireless control panel, the PowerMaxExpress provides the ideal combination of functionality and affordability, and gives installers the versatility to offer a home security solution that meets the needs and budgets of the broadest range of customers.

Mobile App

By seeing inside their home or business in near real time, they can make the right decisions about events and notifications – from anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet.

VisonicGO is part of the PowerMaster solution. The control panels are connected via IP connectivity.

Key End-User Capabilities

Image notification and image-on-demand
Alarm and event histories
Alarm and alert push notifications
Zone status & zone bypass
Full partition support
Set panel user codes
PGM device support
Change panel date/time

overall product review

The Visonic power range is one of the long standing products on the market and has stood the test of time for a reason. with an ever increasing range, that is competitively priced they won’t be going anywhere soon.

At omega fire and security ltd we pride ourselves on using market leading technology offering the end user high end cost effective security solutions.

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Wireless CCTV Systems

On the next blog we will be talking about another area in the security industry and one that is ever increasing in popularity for home and business owners alike, and that is CCTV. whether that be home CCTV installations or large scale IP CCTV systems with Super HD images all options being capable of streaming live to mobile devices.